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Major Introduction

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PhD of Materials Science and Engineering

The first level discipline includesthree of secondary disciplines, such as Materials Science, Materials Physical Chemistry and Materials Processing Engineering. Currently, the major is part of two pilot subjects ofNational Education System Reform Scheme, i.e.,“Top Creative Talents Training Program of Rail Transportation Industries” and “Excellent Engineers”. The major includes outstanding characteristics in numerous academic fields, such as Biological Materials and Surface Engineering, Functional Polymers, Rail Transportation Materials and Processing Technology, Superconducting Materials and New Energy, National Defence&AstronauticalMaterials, Biosensing and MicroMechatronics, Nanotechnology, etc. Someacademic and industrial achievements in various research fields are highly regarded as either national or international frontiers.

The excellent postgraduates in this major can study for a PhD through a “Masters-PhD” program. The employment prospects mainly includesin the fields of research and development, product design, management, planning, etc.

(1)    Enterprises

(2)    Universities

(3)    Research institutes

Masters of Biomedical Engineering

The reputation lies in our striving for excellence in research, internationally recognized professors, comprehensive graduate programs in Biomedical Engineering, well-equipped research laboratories and facilities, as well as top quality students. MEng of Biomedical Engineering is listed as one of pilot subjects for “Excellence Engineer” program.The discipline is based on research of Biological Materials, Tissue Engineering, Cardiovascular Biomaterials, Biosensors, etc. The discipline has developed novel vascular stents, artificial joints, artificial heart valves, etc. Some of them have been commercialized, i.e., clinical applications.

Students are nurtured for new discoveries and technological inventions through rigorous research training. The excellent postgraduates in this major can study for a PhD through “Masters-PhD” program. The employment destination for graduate students mainly includes in the fields of products development, quality control, enterprise management, etc.

1)      Scientific research institutes

2)      Medical equipment enterprises located in foreign or domestic

3)      Machinery

4)      Electronic industry

Masters of Materials Engineering (Professional)

This attachment program aims to enrich students’ practical experience and provide students with exposure to anindustrial culture and environment, so that they can have a better preparation for their academic as well as career developments. This programincludesvarious disciplinary directions, such as Metallic Materials,Polymer Materials,Biomaterials, etc. The characteristics and merits embodied in the aspects of Materials Service Performance Evaluation, Development of Metal Materials and New Technology, Material Connection and Molding Process, etc. The practicalsites are established in the more than 10 enterprises, key laboratories and engineering technology research center.Dual supervisors’ system has been formed to strengthen the practical ability and engineering awareness for postgraduates, further expand employment channels.

Masters of Biomedical Engineering (Professional)

The School is committed to recruiting high caliber postgraduate students in the professional fields of Artificial Organs, Biomedical Materials,Biomedical Informatics, etc. They mainly engage in applied research, manufacturing, detection and control, etc. The program focuses on the crossover and penetration of materials science, chemistry, life sciences, electronics and information science, covering Biomedical Materials, Bio-Electronic Information Engineering,Biosensing Systems Design and Development of Medical Devices, etc. The practicalsites are established in more than 10 enterprises andnational key laboratories.A co-supervision system has been formed not only to strengthen the training of practical ability and engineering awareness for postgraduates, but to expand the channels of employment for them.