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National center of materials experimental demonstr

Click:     Time:2018-07-15

Market demands must be combined with cooperativeenterprises advantages to nurtureapplied,multidisciplinary and innovative students.Enterprises involved in the preparation of curricula and textbooksby jointly establishing internal and external training sites.Equipment and teaching resources were jointly developed through combination of estates.Theschool-enterprise co-interns providesprofessional instructors,career mentors and business mentors to create conditions for cultivating high-quality application and innovative talents. University and enterprises together develop and manufacture products with overcoming technology difficult.Therefore,a new scene of complementary advantages and win-win situation was reached.

At present,theSchool and business cooperation have established more than 20 training sites,and all training sites have signed an agreement with theSchool by the terms of the agreement between the two sides to clearify rights and responsibilities of the School and enterprise which make internship objectives much clear such as contents,methods,processes,management,insurance to ensure that all students internships in a standardized and professional way.