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[Epidemic Prevention and Control] The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Institute of Materials puts forward "five leaders"

Click:     Time:2020-12-29

     Outbreak, related prevention and control measures strict and practical, the college requires the implementation of the "strictest period" standards. Therefore, the discipline inspection committee of the college requires the leading bodies, leading cadres and the broad masses of party members of the college to take the work of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation as an important work at present, so as not to forget their original ideals and aspirations, keep in mind their mission, and resolutely win the war of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation with solid work. According to the unified arrangement of the college, give full play to the role of the Party branches and all the Communist Party members as fighting bastions and vanguard role in winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, The requirements of the College discipline Inspection Commission for the "five leaders" in epidemic prevention and control of all Party members and comrades are as follows,

I. Leading the way in political responsibility

     Improve political position, strive to strengthen "four consciousness ", firm" four self-confidence ", achieve "two maintenance" vanguard. We should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the epidemic situation of pneumonia infected with new coronavirus, fully implement the work requirements of schools and colleges, do not forget our original ideals and aspirations, keep in mind our mission, always do not lack, do well, and do well. Let the party flag fly high in the front line of epidemic prevention and control work. In particular, all members of the team should go deep into the front line of epidemic prevention and control, grasp information in time, take timely action, and must not be paralyzed and slacken, and shirk each other.

II. Lead compliance

     In order to better cooperate with the society in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, the Party and the government have issued a series of calls or regulations to the whole society, such as avoiding gathering, wearing masks, information reporting, necessary isolation and rejecting rumors. To this end, the broad masses of party members and comrades should take the lead in complying with relevant regulations, actively cooperate with or take the initiative to undertake relevant work, and make positive contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in schools and colleges.

III.Take the lead in coordinating prevention and control work

     Take the initiative to cooperate with local governments, schools and colleges to do a good job of information screening, reporting and management, timely and truthful reporting to the college body temperature monitoring, personal health status and mobile information, and put an end to concealing, not reporting, and so on. Strict leave examination and approval and leave system, strict travel approval and filing system, please take the lead to follow the "not necessary as far as possible not to leave the school" regulations. With the management of campus entrance control, teachers enter the campus with campus card, students enter the campus with campus card and leave proof materials. Strictly abide by the code sweep system, in and out of the campus buildings to consciously scan the QR code (campus epidemic prevention QR code). To strengthen humanistic care, party members and teachers, especially mentors, class teachers, counselors and league cadres, should take the initiative to care about the study and living conditions of their classmates and help solve practical difficulties.

IV. Taking the lead in developing good habits

     Improve self-protection consciousness and strive to be the vanguard of developing healthy and civilized living habits. I take the lead to do a good job and guide people around to do a good personal protection, wash hands frequently, often ventilated, all public places wear masks, pay attention to the environment and personal hygiene, do not spit, do not litter. Do not (less) door, do not (less) assembly, do not (less) dinner, do not buy or eat wild animals, effectively cut off the transmission of the virus. Pay close attention to their own health, suspected symptoms should be active and timely treatment.

V. Leading the way in popularizing scientific knowledge

     Firmly believe in science, respect science, and strive to be the vanguard of active learning and popularizing scientific knowledge. Timely and correct transmission of all kinds of notification spirit of superior organizations, actively do a good job in the education and guidance of relatives and friends. Improve the screening ability of all kinds of network information, do not rumour, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, do not arbitrarily forward unconfirmed WeChat content, do not arbitrarily spread unwarranted statements that may cause panic, and resolutely resist and correct illegal activities such as spreading rumors and causing mass panic.

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