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Notification of a laboratory safety incident
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Teachers and students:

      At about 13:40 on December 21,2020, Wang XX, a graduate student of our college, carried metal powder samples with plastic sample bags in preparation for XRD test in the analysis and testing center, resulting in powder oxidation and exothermic, resulting in the accident of plastic bag burning. The student quickly took the sample out of the room and put it out with a fire blanket. Fortunately, no injuries and property losses were caused.

     However, this accident reveals that the safety consciousness of a few teachers and students in our college is not strong enough, there is still fluke psychology, the safety management system and regulations of the college are not paid enough attention to, and there is still a violation of the operation rules. Mentors are the first responsible person for graduate training. Wang XX illegal operation, also reflects that the instructor usually to its safety education is not enough, safety warning work is not in place. After the incident, graduate student Wang XX has been deeply aware of the mistakes, submitted to the college "review book ", the tutor also recognized the shortcomings of the work.

     In view of this, on the basis of the team's overnight internal inspection and rectification, at 9 a.m. on December 22, Chen Yong, secretary of the college party committee, and Li Tao, vice president of the college, represented the party and government of the college and conducted a formal interview with the graduate student and his tutor. The graduate student and tutor admit mistakes sincerely, the related follow-up work is under way.

     To do a good job of safety is the basic work to ensure the personal safety of teachers and students, to promote the construction and development of colleges, and to promote the achievement of teachers and students. It is hoped that the teachers and students of the whole hospital will attach great importance to the work of safety in production, draw lessons, check against each other, draw a lesson from one another, conscientiously implement the regulations and measures of laboratory safety work, and earnestly implement the measures of safety prevention and control in place to ensure zero accidents in production safety in the college.

I hereby inform you.

                                                                Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering

                                                                                   28 December 2020