1905:Division of Mining and Metallurgy, Tangshan Railway Institute.

1931:Department of Mining and Metallurgy, Tangshan Engineering Institute, Jiaotong University.

1946:Department of Mining and Metallurgy was divided into the Department of Mining Engineering and the Department of Metallurgical Engineering.

1951:The Department of Materials Engineering of Beijing Railway Institute was transferred to Tangshan Engineering Institute.The Department of Materials Engineering was inaugurallyestablished.

1952:Due to reshuffling schools and departments, some departments like Mining Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering were transferred to other universities. The Department of Materials Engineering was transferred back to Beijing Railway Institute.

1979:It was the first time to intakepostgraduate students ofMetal Materials Science.

1981: Began to intake undergraduates of Metal Materials Science.

1985:The Department of Materials Engineering was restored.

2001:The School of Materials Science and Engineering was established.

2004: Key Laboratory of Advanced Technologies of Materials, Ministry of Education was officially established with the support of the school.

2010:Three departments and one division are under the school umbrella, i.e., Metal Materials Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Processing and Polymer Materials Science.

2013:National Center of Materials Experimental Demonstration was set up.