The Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Scholarship Selection Criteria

(1) According to “The stipulation of the notification of scholarship for graduate students selection in Southwest Jiaotong University” (the school grind anyone [2011] No.27), We have formulated the relevant regulations of scholarship for graduate students in our school.

(2) The established selection committee is responsible for graduate student award evaluation.

(3) According to the relevant provisions of the spirit, the graduate students applying for scholarship are limited to full-time non-directional (sponsored) graduate students. It follows the principle of comprehensive appraisal and merit selection.

(4) There are twice scholarship selections for master graduate students in 2~2.5 years: once is before admission (first) and the other is after admission (second).

First selection is mainly based on the admission test scores (first exam, second-round exam) and rewards at undergraduates. The first exam achievement 85% (85% in total score), the second interviewis 15% (total score 15 points). The graduate students of first choice of university (add 3 points). Top Grade Scholarship (add 4 points). The first prize of scholarship in university (add 3 points), the second prize (add 2 points), the third prize (add 2 points). Provincial merit student or provincial outstanding graduate (add 5 points). The university roll student or outstanding school student cadres, or school outstanding graduate (add 2 points). All kinds of monomial scholarships(add 1 point). Special-class award of national science competition (add 5 points), the first prize (add 3 points), the second prize (add 2 points), the third prize (add 1 point). The published papers and patents in two years, according to the rank (per paper or item): Add 3, 2, 1 points respectively (SCI or invention patent authorization, limit to the first, second, third authors), Add 2, 1, 0.5 points (EI, limit to the first, second, third authors) and add 1, 0.5 points (core journals or utility model patent authorization, limit to the first, second authors). Papers and patents are not limited to award exception of other rewards which are only pointed twice. Awards are chosen by themselves when filling the form.

Second selection based on the first year of study, the academic research situation and the comprehensive performance (evaluation by supervisor, graduate instructors and students), of which academic record is 85% (average scores in all the subjects×85%), and 15% is for ideological and moral quality comprehensive performance (total score is 15 points) in the first year. According to the authors, each authorized patent for invention and SCI paper contribute 0.5 and 3.1 point, respectively (The patent belong to one person who assigned by supervisor). Each EI paper contribute 1.5 and 0.5 points respectively according to the name order; Core journal or authorized patent for utility models contribute 1 point (First author in core journal, patent belong to one person who assigned by supervisor); The papers published of non-first author are rewarded less than twice. The person, who won a prize and had an impact on society and scientific research, will be selected first (decided by the prize committee)

There are only twice awards if the first author does not belong to the paper (or patent). Those students who have an access to important academic significance and social impact in their research filed will be given a priority selection (decided by the Awarding Committee).

(5)There are twice PhD Awards scholarship selections in four years.The first selection is before attending school, and the other one is selected after the end of the second year.

The first selection based primarily on the entrance academic achievement and examination (test and retest), 30% selection depends on academic record in the stage of master study (subjects average score ×30%), 60% for while entrance first test accounts (60 points), 10% for retest (including interviews) scores accounts(10 points). Those students who have an award of provincial level Outstanding Master Thesis add 5 points, while these add 2 points awarding outstanding thesis, provincial roll students (or provincial outstanding graduates) add 5 points, university roll students (or outstanding student leaders, or outstanding graduates) add 2 points. The above Masters award extra points are limited to twice. In addition, if the student publishes a SCI paperas the first author in two years, 3 points will be added per article. Otherwise, 1 point will be added per article in EI searching. If the article impact factor (IF) is more than 3.0, 5 points, per article will be added. When the IF equals from 2.0 to 2.999, 2 points in per article will be added. If patentsobtainedin two years, 1 point is added per item regardless of the rank of the authors.

The second selection is based on the former two-year academic major, academic research, the evaluation from the instructor and overall performance, first-year academic performance accounts for 85% of all scores(subjects average score × 85%), and overall performance take account of 15% (15 points). In the two years, if the student publish paper as the first author (signedname must be Materials Science and Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, or Ministry Of Education Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology Materials Science and Engineering)in SCI searching,3 points per papers will be added,and papers published in EI will add 1 point per article. If article IF more than 3.0,the total scores add 5 points per article while the IF equals from 2.0 to 2.999, 2 points added per article. If the paper is cited by SCI, 1 point per article is added in one time. When obtaining the invention patents in the previous year,3 points will be added (a reward staff designated by the instructor). The score of scientific and technological achievements: if someone win a national award, first and second prizeare added 60 points and 40 points respectively.Provincial achievement awards: top-grade, first, second and third prizeare added 30 points, 20 points, 10 points and 5 points respectively. Total score equals to the sum of the above scores. It is a priority for those who have an access to these awards having important academic significance and social impact.

(6)All kinds of added scores such as published papers, citations, obtained patents and other awards required to provide complete and reliable basis.

l  Papers: acceptable notification,

l  Patents:authorized notices,

l  Rewards: certificates,

l  Cited and searching: retrieval and reference report.

(7)According to the school issued scholarships, combining actual situation of various disciplines enrollments, reasonable allocation of different levels of scholarship quota should be allocated to materials science, material physics and chemistry, material processing and biomedical engineering disciplines.

(8) As to graduates belonging to the students who is recommended and exempted to attend the entrance examination, their scholarships mainly are based on a comprehensive assessment of recommended and exempted sorting and interview results, in principle, most recommended exemption graduates should get Graduate Award (Stipend) scholarship.

(9)Ph.D student of a five-year educational system is straight selected to attain a special-class award of a PhD student or first-class scholarship for the first time, when appearing quota restrictions, reference standard should refer to master-doctor continuous study role. PhD candidate automatically obtain PhD Graduate Award(stipend) scholarship in the first year in principle, the level of the Award(Stipend) scholarship assessed is primarily on the basis of academic record during master study, which accounts 80% (average score of subjects × 80%), meanwhile comprehensive performance accounts for 10% and interview scores accounts for 10% in the total scores of 100 points.

(10) If students want to apply for Graduate Award (Stipend)scholarship, an application form named" Southwest Jiaotong University Graduate Award (Stipend)scholarship application form "formulated  unify by school, should be filled out by the students themselves. Later, after signing instructor comments, it will be submitted to College Graduate Award (stipend) scholarship selection committee, then selection committee will make a determination the selection and public the selection results. If there exists objections in publicity ,the academy award (stipend) research scholarship selection committee will deal with them.

(11) Instructor and counselor have a priority to deny the graduate student scholarship within one vote, and the instructor can suggest exchange the Graduate Award (Stipend)scholarship level between the graduate students instructed by himself or recommended to reduce the award (stipend) scholarship level, selecting committee should adopt his suggest in principle.

(12) Other related matters, in principle, in accordance with "Southwest Jiaotong University Graduate Award (Stipend) scholarship (for Trial Implementation)"released in the September 2011.(Southwest Jiaotong University research [2011] No. 27) is dealt with the regulations.

(13) The implementing rules will be passed after discussions from the Graduate School of Materials Science and Engineering Award (co) scholarship selection committee discussed and adopted, and is responsible for interpretation, execution since November 2011.