1.The curriculum of PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

1.       Materials Surface and Interface

2.       Forefront of Biomedical Engineering

3.       Advances in Materials

4.       Material Wear Frontier

5.       Surface Engineering Design

6.       Materials Processing Frontier

2. The curriculum of MEng in Materials Science and Engineering

1.       Material Characterization Analysis

2.       Material Thermodynamics and Solid Phase Change

3.       Energy and Ecological Environment Materials

4.       Nano and Functional Materials

5.       Structure and Composites Materials

6.       Structure and Properties of Polymers

7.       Materials Physics and Chemistry

8.       Crystal Structure and Dislocation Theory

9.       Advanced Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy

10.   Material Service Behavior

11.   Surface Science and Engineering

12.   Polymer Processing Technology

13.   Metal Materials Processing Technology

14.   Processing Automation Infrastructure

15.   Intelligent Welding Technology

16.   Digital Welding Power and Control

17.   Welded Structural Strength and Fracture Analysis

18.   Material Connection

19.   Advanced welding and Welding New Materials

20.   Advances in Polymer Materials

21.   Material Surface Analysis Methods

22.   Computational Materials Science

23.   NDT

3. The curriculum of MEng inBiomedical Engineering

1.       Advanced Biomedical Engineering

2.       Medical Statistics

3.       Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques

4.       Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Systems

5.       Biosensors

6.       Biomaterials Surface Design

7.       Introduction of Medicine and skills

8.       Biomaterial Surface and Interface

9.       Advanced Biomedical Materials

10.   Advanced Medical Technology and Progress

11.   Introduction to Medical Device Engineering

12.   Supramolecular Materials and Biomedical

13.   Smart Materials and Biomimetic Design