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Pilot - 2014 declaration to mobilize the National Natural Science and Youth Fund Seminar
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December 27, 2013 afternoon, the National Natural Science Foundation Project branch exchange hosted by the School of Materials held in 3609 electrical Hall conference room. Meeting was chaired by Professor Zhu Min-hao, president four. four young teachers from materials, superconductivity, life, physical college do the report, obtained mainly on Youth Fund reflections, research programs, promoting the program, to carry out further work on scientific research, problems and puzzles in research encountered are described in detail, Professor Zhao Yong as an expert to the scene together with Professor Zhu Min-hao make comments and guidance. Participatants in the exchange as well as come from materials, superconductivity, life, mechanics, physics college 40 young teachers.

Exchange will begin, Xu Yi School teachers from the material college on the "powder metallurgy, near-net shape technology in the eyes and expand" launched a discussion on the issue he made elaborate Institute encountered and proposed direction of the teacher and solidified physical conduct intention to cooperate. Mr. Zhu said, to do the work down to earth. Then Professor Zhao Yong said the project should be to find a scientific question from the project, attention to dynamics on the project, and the team's own research capacity, innovative research. Then next to do the report is teacher Guo Chun-sheng from superconducting center. Guo focused on the use of the youth fund, such as for improving their team 、for participation in international conferences and so on. Mr. Zhu affirmed the importance of attending the international conferences . Another two teachers to do report are Liu Yan-kai from Life Science and Fan Dai-he from the collegel of Physics. They made a introduction on experiences about applying their own reporting fund projects. Professor Zhu Min-hao pointed out that at the process of filling in the project application, Be sure to distinguish the significance of scientific research in mind, the main contents and innovation.

So far, The National Natural Science Foundation of reporting mobilization cum exchange successful conclusion of the project, I believe this exchange will be able to strengthen the exchange of experiences by the National Natural Science Foundation project leader among young teachers to guide more high-quality reporting completion of the Fund.