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College leadership reform program publicity

Click:     Time:2018-07-15

Since the commencement of my college Party's mass line of educational practice in July of this year , the college leadership and team members in accordance with the " look in the mirror , dress up , take a shower , cure cure " the general requirements , control the party constitution , code of ethics , pragmatic people clean , etc., required to improve the style of the control , the control of advanced models and people look forward to , to find gaps, especially to find the existence of the "four winds " aspects . Visits by team members and students talk talk , held all kinds of seminars ; solicit opinions and suggestions of teachers and students through the branches ; collected on college leadership and members of the opinions and suggestions of 24 . School steering group feedback 19 . college leadership and members claimed the problem, write a comparison and examination materials, careful analysis of the party spirit and sense of purpose disparity , political discipline , work style, honest and self-discipline and the reasons for the formation of the problem, touched ideological soul . Between each other member of the House leadership team frank talk talk , held the House leadership team " change the style, service schools, colleges and the overall development of students and staff ," the topic of democratic life , team members at the meeting had a profound self-criticism , has conducted a sincere mutual criticism of the problems in-depth analysis and understanding , a clear future corrective measures . Now the college leadership reform program ( see Annex ) for publicity, receiving the supervision of college staff and students .

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December 24, 2013