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Notice to participate in Chinese high-speed rail "going out" strategy Academic Forum speech

Click:     Time:2018-07-15

Dear students :

Is scheduled for December 14, 2013 held in China high-speed rail in my school , " going out" strategy Forum, 14:30 pm lecture will be held in a series of high-level academic campus Guri International Conference

Hall , welcomed everyone to listen to the academic feast.

Topic and guests :

( 1 ) Chinese high-speed rail development process

Speaker: ZHAI Wan ( Chinese Academy of Sciences )

( 2 ) China High Speed Rail Strategic and Eurasian Economic Integration

Speaker : Gao Bai ( Duke University professor )

( 3 ) Chinese technology integration and go out of the industry requirements for personnel training

Speaker: Off Xiangqun ( deputy general manager of China International Engineering Consulting YHI Corporation)

( 4 ) U.S. high-speed rail market opportunities and challenges - suggested China strategy

Speaker : TC Kao ( University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Urbana , director of Railway Research Center )

( 5 ) Chinese high-speed rail traction drives and network control system to explore international strategy

Speaker: Shang Jing ( Director of the Institute of Research and Development Center Co., Ltd. CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute )

Please arrive 20 minutes early admission.

Student Office

December 13, 2013