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Professor Yang Weiqing, Zhang Haitao and Liu Y have published academic papers in an international famous journal Advanced Functional Materials

Click:     Time:2020-10-26

Rencently, a excellent work by Prof. Yang Weiqing, Zhang Haitao and Liu Yan have been pubilished at famous academic journal Advanced Functional Materials (IF=16.836). Here, a hierarchically divacancy defect building platform is reported for effectively biomass-transferred and highly interconnected 3D dual-activated porous carbon fibers (DACFs) based on the internal−external dual-activation function of the pre-embedded KOH and CO2 molecular. This uniquely interconnected frameworks not only fully provide the abundant active sites for ion interaction, but also efficiently guarantee the substantial accommodation for ion storage. Based on this, the as-prepared DACFs-based supercapacitors deliver a high energy density of 61.3 Wh kg−1 at a power density of 875 W kg−1 in the EMIMBF4 ionic liquid. This work not only provides a simple and efficient technique to enhance the energy density of carbon materials, but also probably promotes its additional application in environmental remediation. 

The first author of this paper is Wang Qing, and the paper can be found by click the following link: