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Professor Yang Weiqing and Deng Weili have published academic papers in an international famous journal Advanced Functional Materials

Click:     Time:2020-10-26

Multifunctional micro-force sensing in one device is an urgent need for the higher integration of the smaller flexible electronic device toward wearable health-monitoring equipment, intelligent robotics, and efficient humanmachine interface. Herein, a novel microchannel-confined MXene based flexible piezoresistive sensor is demonstrated by the group of Prof. Yang Weiqing to simultaneously achieve multi-types micro-force sensing of pressure, sound, and acceleration. Benefiting from the synergistically confined effect of the fingerprint-micro-structured channel and the accordion-micro-structured MXene materials, the as-designed sensor remarkably endows a low detection limit of 9 Pa, a high sensitivity of 99.5 kPa1 , and a fast response time of 4 ms, as well as non-attenuating durability over 10000 cycles. Moreover, the fabricated sensor is multifunctionally capable of sensing sounds, micromotion, and acceleration in one device. Evidently, such a multifunctional sensing characteristic can highlight the bright prospect of the microchannel-confined MXene-based micro-force sensor for the higher integration of flexible electronics. The First author of this excellent work is Gao Yuyu, and the Paper was published a 27, January, 2020.

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