Investigation on Biomedical Function of Electrospu
Investigation on Biomedical Function of Electrospu

Investigation on Biomedical Function of Electrospun Polymer Fibers

This achievement belongs to the field of biomedical materials.Electrospin a technique of the polymer solution or melt being spinningunder the high pressure electrostatic field.Currently, electrospuntechnology is a better approach to obtain nano-scale filaments.In recent years, the systematic investigation for the properties of the polymerelectrospun fibers and basic scientific issues of the realization of biomedical functions were launched, which funded by the National Natural Science Foundation Project.

Theoretical achievements:

(1) The methods for constructing protein, gene, and controlled-release system of anticancer drug by fiber were developed that based on the characteristics of drugs and the problems of related agents.

(2)Inducingthe deposition of hydroxyapatite was achieved by using fiber surface to immobilize the biological macromolecules and other functional groups. Simultaneously, the nucleation and growth mechanisms for hydroxyapatite have been elaborated.

(3)The effects of fiber membrane carrying hydroxyapatite, growth factor of cell or functional plasmid and characteristics of fiber film patterning on cell behavior have been investigated.

(4) The factors affecting diameter, porosity, dimensional stability, surface hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of electrospun fibers have been illustrated. The measures to control the characteristics of the fiber membrane have been developed.